A Wedding Ceremony that Roars! by Ruth Lee

In the heart of Leicester city is the picturesque New Walk, and standing proudly at the top of it is Leicester’s original museum which combines culture, history and style. It is home to collections of art, culture and the natural world, and the very popular Dinosaur gallery! Leicester Museum and Gallery has a number of interesting spaces in which you can get married but by far the most unusual wedding ceremony space is it’s Dinosaur Gallery!

If you are local to Leicester, grew up here or raised your children here (like I did) then you will have visited the Dinosaur Gallery at least half a dozen times (or more!). So it will be a familiar space and proabaly one that feels very nostalgic. So for that reason alone it might be a great place to marry the love of your life and say ’I Do’ in front of the Rutland Dinosaur and the famous Barrow Kipper. But for anyone who has an interest in Palaeontology this wedding ceremony space has got to be a major consideration. The Dinosaur Gallery holds up to 120 guests. And the Museum and Gallery also has other spaces available to hire including the beautiful Victorian Art gallery. And couples can use the on-site catering from the Museum Cafe or hire the basic facilities to enable external caterers to use as a catering base.

So apart from the awesome photo opportuities avaialbe to you in the Dinosaur Gallery, the building has an impressive entrance and staircase, and the Museum is situated adjacent to Museum Square providing stunning settings for your wedding photographs.

Leicester Musuem and Gallery is a licensed wedding venue so you can book your registrar and have your standard wedding ceremoy. But as you’ve decided to do something different and unusual for your wedding why not make the day even more untraditional and get an Independet Wedding Celebrant like me Ruth from Handmade Ceremonies to add all hose one of a kind extra special touches to your ceremony. From personalised Vows, Committments, Symbolic Ceremonies and Ring Exchanges, I will write you a ceremny that Roars! and one your guests will remeber for ever (not quite as long as the Paleolithic era, but long enough). You’ve chosen a venue that will be unforgettable so why not make the whole event unforgettable.

I have loved visiting the Leicester Museum and Gallery over the years and have enjoyed the collections and visiting exhibitions and performances on many many occasions – but I would love to conduct a Wedding in the space and hope one day to do so!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my second Blog in this series of blogs which uncover the unusual places in Leicester to get married. Where will be exploration take me next I wonder?

Thanks to AJT Images for allowing me to use their photo’s from Philippa and Richard’s Wedding in the Dinosaur Gallery. Take a look at his gallery.

A Wedding Ceremony that Roars!

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